Mostly we confuse that what to do after 12th. If you want to do something best in your Career then Digital Marketing is the best option for you. This is not bookish knowledge that we learn from books. This is based on the practical work that is so interesting and full of creativity to do.

what to do after 12th

Are you 12th pass out or have completed or pursuing Graduation?

No matters what have you been done. So, don’t be thinking that it is only for graduate students or 12th pass out students. Anyone can do this course and there is no necessity of graduation or any degree. Let's discuss this in brief.

What to do after 12th?

Digital Marketing

It derives from two words – Digital means Online working of anything & Marketing means the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, involving market research and advertising. This is the wider concept in which many fields of work can be separated and it includes: -

what to do after 12th

1. Video-Animation-

We keep on watching videos on YouTube. In this course, we learn how to animate a video and how to optimize it to come in the first position.

digital marketing

2. Web Design-

Whenever we have some query, we search on Google and open any website which related to our query and get the answer. The Website building skills that how to make and create a website, we learn in it.

    3. Ads on Google-

    On Google, when you open any website and see the ads (Display ads, Search Text Ads, etc) runs on it. How to make such ads can be learned in it.

    digital Marketing

    4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-

    As we search on a search engine, then a page opens in which multiple websites keep on showing. Some websites are in the top position and that top position can be achieved by SEO. This SEO is also teaching in this course that how your website comes in the first position with no money.

    5. Ads on YouTube-

    Whenever you watch any video, Ads come between the video i.e video ads like Zomato ads, etc. This also teaches in it that how the video ads and display ads make and come on YouTube.

    digital Marketing

    6. Promotion Mails-

    Promotion Mails involves ads of various companies that come in our Gmail also be learned in this course. How to check that emails are opened or not that we send to another person and a mail send to a number of mails.

    7. Social Media Marketing-

    In Social Media like Fb, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, there are so many ads running for lead generation, Brand Awareness, Re-marketing, Selling, New product offers, etc.

    what to do after 12th

    Many more things that come under it. If a person wants to earn money without going to the office, it can be possible through this course.

    Job Opportunity:

    There is a great scope of Digital Marketing nowadays because people are more habitual to see things online and sell and purchase through online platforms. Digital Advertising is not only cheap than billboards and pamphlets ads but also has a global reach that makes this course important.

    Course Duration:

    This course duration is three to four months and according to the respective tutor.


    The Fees are comparatively too low than one-year fees of Regular College students.

    digital marketing

    Job Profile:

    • Content Writer
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Digital Marketing Executive
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • & SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

    Other than this, My personal advice is: If a person wants to earn money through YouTube and from his/her own website then this is best for them but also for those who make Career after 12th and want to do a good job with a good salary. Generally, youth go to the BPO sector after 12th because they think that no company gives them jobs other than BPO. As we all know, BPO has no future at all.

    I wish you get the answer to what to do after 12th. So, develop the skills that have scope and demand in the market like this course. Learn More in the form of Videos. For any doubt, you can ask freely in the comment box.

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