Are you interested in sports or a physical fitness curiosity thinking of building a career in the same? If yes. this information about B.P.Ed definitely helps you. Physical Education is a field that helps you branch around the fitness of your body by encouraging the importance of exercise and nutrition.


B.P.Ed (Bachelor of Physical Education) is an undergraduate degree course that deals with the methods that are useful to retain the fitness of the human body. The course is typical of three to four years' duration. B.P.Ed can be pursued as a full-time or part-time course.

Candidates having a deep desire for sports and associated activities are the right choice for Bachelor of Physical Education course. A degree in B.P.Ed can prime candidates to a variety of job options starting from being a part of the chosen sport to being a physical fitness trainer.    Know what all a B.PEd course requires in terms of the job profiles, a course prospectus, and more below.


B.P.Ed Eligibility Criteria:

B.P.Ed eligibility criteria vary depending on the duration of the course as well as the policy of a university/ college. Given below is a broad B.P.Ed eligibility criterion for the 3-4 year as well as 1-2-year duration Bachelor of Physical Education course.

3-4 Year Duration B.P.Ed Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates should clear Class XII in any stream from a recognized board
  • Candidates should score a minimum percentage in Class XII (50%) as specified by the university/ college in which they are looking for admission
  • Candidates who have played some sport at the school level or had physical education subject in Class XII  take preference at the time of admissions.
  • Candidates should be a minimum of 17 or more years in age.

1-2 Year Duration B.P.Ed Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates should clear graduation from a recognized university/ college with a minimum percentage (usually 50%)
  • Candidates who have studied Physical Education during graduation or have played sports at the college level take preference for admission.
  • Candidates should be 19 – 25 years in age

Both men and women are eligible for the course. However, married women are not eligible for the course in some institutes.

B.P.Ed: Job Profiles:

Teaching is the most popular career path available for candidates after obtaining a BPEd degree. However, to one side of teaching, there are also some other career choices that candidates can think of taking up in the field of sports and physical fitness. Check out some popular BPEd job profiles below:

  • Teacher/ Instructor/ Coach: A physical education teacher organizes games and sports that encourage physical activity among students. The goal of a BPEd educator is to grow motor skills, proper exercise, and eating habits among students. 
  • Umpire/ Referee: An umpire or a referee controls over a sporting event to help maintain the standard of play. An umpire/ referee detects violations and decides penalties as per the rules of the sport/game.
  • Sportsman/ Professional Athlete: A professional athlete regularly exercises and practices under the direction of professional trainers or coaches to develop skills, improve physical condition and prepare for competitions. 
  • Gym/ Personal Trainer: Major responsibilities of a gym or personal trainer is to demonstrate exercises and routine to clients. Apart from this, a trainer also assists clients in exercising to minimize injury and ensure proper fit. A trainer also usually modifies exercises taking in view the clients’ fitness levels.   
  • Sport/ Athletic Trainer: A sport or athletic trainer is a highly-skilled healthcare professional who teams up with physicians to provide services like emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries to players.
  • Commentator: A sports commentator is a professional who gives running commentary of a game or sport in real-time, typically during a live broadcast.  
  • Yoga Trainer: A yoga trainer teaches students the art of yoga to increase their fitness and personal health in both body and mind.

Note: Some of the job profiles
revealed above may require candidates to obtain additional degrees other than
Bachelor of Physical Education. B.P.Ed for some job profiles only works as a
foundation course.

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