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Every business has a beginning like that we also have for the Vansh Dhingra Website- Career Platform. I started adding on career options with BBA that is Digital Marketing.

My interest in this career started when I didn't go college in the 4th semester in BBA and I searched a lot of definitions and concepts for my Examination but I faced a lot of difficulties in searching all the topics on different websites. So, I decided to start my website to give the knowledge to all only in one platform.



You all may be listen RJ Kartik, I always like his few quotes i.e "kr dikhao kuch aesa ki duniya krna cheye apke jesa" .

If anyone wants Appreciation then do work in these words which definitely take you to the Top. We know that it is slightly hard but possible to define yourself as best among all. Our actions also endeavor to run on this for providing you all the best knowledge with good content.

to do something new

Monkey's Race

All want the same key which gives success. This is Monkey's race. That means If our relatives or our friend got success in his goal or in his field then we also choose either the same field or the same career option. It only increases the competition and nothing else. First identifies your capability then choose the best one. Make yourself best and get in touch with us- Career Platform

Achieve the Fortune

Our Career Platform Tagline, "Achieve the Fortune". Everyone wants to become a successful person in their life. We also have a desire to create a distinct personality in a society that is not as easy as we think. If you want to achieve your dreams then you must generate other skills like Digital Marketing Skills and so on.

vansh dhingra

Vansh Dhingra

Digital Marketer

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