TOP 20 IMPORTANT FULL FORMS in which there is most important also be mentioned that everyone does not know about it like Full Form of Computer, Full Form of Amul, Full Form of ATM, Full Form of Google.For eg. Common Operated Machine Particular Used for Training, Education, and Research-Full forms of Computer.

Full Forms


1. AMUL Anand Milk Union Limited
2. ATM Automatic Teller Machine
3. A.P.J ABDUL KALAM Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
4. BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
5. BMW Bayerische Motoren Worke
6. CEAT Cavi Elettrici E Affini Torino
7. COMPUTER Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Training, Education and Research
8. ESPN Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks
9. FIAT Fabricia Italiana Automobile Torino
10. fcuk French Connection
11. GOOGLE Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
12. HDFC Housing Development Financial Corporation
13. HTC High Tech Computer Corporation
14. HP Hewlett Packard
15. IBM International Business Machine
16. Intel Integrated Electronics
17. ICICI BANK Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
18. IQ Intelligent Quotient
19. JIO Joint Implementation Opportunities
20. MDH Mahashian Di Hatti

These are some important full forms of various brands and this type of information we must know because these are the most common abbreviations nowadays. Generally, in the competitions and business Quiz, this type of question asked to check the logical presence of candidates in the present era. As when we conduct the seminar or Business Competition and Business Quiz and so on, full forms of different brands have a separate round in it. We always recommend candidates to be logical and see the world around you and not only full forms of brands but also the logos and the famous personalities of different companies also be a part of the competition. We also provide the information in the form of videos on YouTube,you can also get from that source.

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