We listen on a regular basis about Thumbnail but we are not understanding the usage and meaning of this term. YouTubers are mainly using this term, who post their videos on YouTube and uses the Thumbnail services.

Today, we discuss this topic that Thumbnail meaning and what is the usage of it. "Thumbnail" is the front cover or slide of every video which always shows first before opening the videos. Whenever we search for anything on YouTube, we see so many videos relating to the topic that we searched then we open a video when we see the front of that video and the heading of a particular video. That front is called Thumbnail.

This will be more clear after seeing these examples of Thumbnail:-

Uses of Thumbnail

After knowing about Thumbnail, come to our next topic Uses of Thumbnail. Thumbnail plays an important role in every video because it is the main base of every video which can attract the watcher who wants to search for any topic. Thumbnail is like the window dressing who attracts the customer to watch that particular video. Some uses are :

  • Make the Video adorable.
  • Attract video watchers.
  • Increase viewers of your channel.
  • Increase the subscriber also.
  • Differentiate your videos from other channels.
  • Enhance Popularity
  • Retain the position in everybody's mind.
  • It helps you to become a Best YouTuber.

These are some uses of Thumbnail which tells you the benefits of Thumbnail on YouTube channel. It much knows everybody who is running their own YouTube channel and wants to popular in this platform because everyone wants to become popular and wants to increase their followers.

After knowing about the Thumbnail and uses of it . We must know about the main thing that how we customize our YouTube Thumbnail and what is the requirement for it and how it will happen either by Computer or by mobile. This information, we will provide you in the form of Video by customizing the thumbnail practically.

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