Teacher and Trainer may seem the same, but there are differences between the two. In simple words, we can say that the teacher imparts theoretical knowledge. But Trainer imparts practical knowledge which usually required in every situation with the theoretical knowledge of a particular field. Let's know about the Teacher and Trainer.

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Teacher and Trainer

Who is Teacher?

A teacher is a person who has a lot of knowledge of various concepts and theories that he or she shares with a group of students through different methods in the simplest way. Therefore, teaching naturally involves transferring or conveying theoretical knowledge. A teacher has work to teach theories, formulas, and information about his subject or any fields and may also teach the students how to apply this knowledge practically. A teacher’s job, not only involves imparting knowledge but also involves various roles. Such as interacting with students, facilitating learning, motivating, inspiring, mentoring and instructing.

The job title teacher is usually associated with Academics as schools or colleges and called as Teacher and Lecturer. For such job title, a bachelor’s degree in the relevant subject can avail as a qualification and some exams may also be cleared for secure jobs.


Who is Trainer?

A trainer is a person who trains people to do things. We usually see the trainers in most of the companies. In the company, a trainer has work to train the candidates who hire for particular jobs. A trainer’s job usually involves teaching practical skills or kinds of behavior. Trainers use specific courses that target practical or technical skills. Their main aim is to develop the aptitude and skillsets in the trainees to perform effectively and efficiently. A trainer’s duties also include instructing, training, inspiring and motivating the trainees. A trainer also has to generate a training plan, choose appropriate training methods, and prepare training materials and assistance.

The job title trainer is usually associated with Companies and workshops, etc. For such job title, specific knowledge in the relevant subject can avail as not such a particular qualification as required in the field of the teacher.

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Teacher Trainer
A teacher is someone who teaches A trainer is someone who trains.
The teacher imparts knowledge of the broader areas. Trainer imparts knowledge of specific areas.
The teacher provides knowledge, education, and experience. Trainer facilitates learning.
Imparts theoretical knowledge Imparts practical knowledge.
Focus on curriculum and syllabus. Focus on development and progress.
The teacher teaches in schools, colleges, universities, etc Trainer trains in workshops, companies, etc
The teacher fills the mind. Trainer shapes habits.
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