Do you want to become Rich?

There is a story of two friends that give an answer to your question.

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Now, let’s learn with the first friend, what should we do to convert our dream life into real life or not: -

1. Mr. A was a fresher who got a private job after graduation whose salary Rs 15,000 and he wanted to become a rich person. But with his low salary chances to become was so far.

Mr. A’s Total expenses in a month – Rs 10,000. He saved Rs 5,000 every month.

Mr. A deposited his income in the bank and got 4% interest per annum and in his whole life, he was not become a rich person because with the increase in the salary:

  • His expenses increase at the same rate.
  • As inflation day by day, sometimes he couldn’t save any money.
  • Irregularity in saving remaining money.
  • In case of an accident or health issue, he spent his whole saving money.
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      2. Mr.Vansh was one of the friends of Mr. A who was also a fresher & worked in the same company and got Rs15,000 in a month and he also wanted to become a rich person but he followed some strategies.

      Mr. Vansh’s Total Expenses in a month same as Mr. A – Rs 10,000 and saved Rs 5,000 every month and he became rich but now to let’s see:-

      1. First of all, he saved Rs 1,000 for Term Insurance every month and deposited in lumpsum every year for it. [ Term Insurance is the insurance in which Cap is of Rs 1crore and more for health issue and accident and for any issue].
      2. Rs 2,000 – He opened Recurring Deposit (RD) where he got interest @ up to 7% approx.
      3. Remaining Rs 2,000 in Mutual Funds in which he got interest @ 9% - 12% and more than it.

      In this whole process, he saved a lot of money and made money from money and later once after some years he had a big amount of money and then he had a lot of ideas for opening his own business and run his own business and became a Rich Man.

      This story teaches us one thing that there is no necessity that we have a good salary for becoming rich. We must have knowledge of how to invest and save our income rather than deposits in Saving Accounts.

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      Priya Singh · December 8, 2019 at 8:19 pm

      This is really a nice story……this story teaches me a good lesson……Thank u for this brilliant story☺☺….I appreciate it……🤗🤗

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        Thank you, Miss Priya,😊 for your Motivating Feedback.
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