Someone truly said, Hearing is through ears, but listening is through the mind.” The two exercises of hearing and listening include the use of ears, but they are different. The main difference between them is: -

Hearing is nothing but a sense that supports you receive sound waves and noise by ears. It is the power of recognizing sounds.

On the contrast, listening is when you take the sound waves and understand it by paying full attention to the words and sentences of the speaker. It is one’s ability to perfectly receive and interpret the message transferred by the other party in the means of communication.

difference between hearing and listening

Difference between Hearing and Listening

Basis Hearing Listening
Meaning Hearing refers to one's ability to perceive sounds, by receiving vibrations through ears. Listening is something done consciously, that include the analysis and understanding of the sounds you hear.
What is it? It is an Ability It is a Skill
Nature Primary and continuous Secondary and temporary
Process Passive bodily process Active mental process
Involves Receipt of message through ears. Interpretation of the message received by ears.
Act Physiological Psychological
Occurs at Subconscious level Conscious level
Use of senses Only one More than one
Concentration Not required Required
Reason We are neither aware nor have any control over the sounds we hear. We listen to acquire knowledge and receive information.
difference between hearing and listening

Definition of Hearing

The natural ability or an inborn characteristic that allows us to recognize sound through ears by grabbing vibrations is called the hearing. A normal human being’s hearing capability varies from 20 to 20000 Hertz, called as audio or sonic. Any frequency above and below the given range is understood as ultrasonic and infrasonic respectively.

Definition of Listening

Listening is the process of diligently hearing and interpreting the meaning of words and sentences delivered by the speaker, during the conversation. It needs concentration and attention, and the human mind is easily diverted.

Vansh Dhingra

Other than this difference, One more thing that must be remembered that God gives us Two Ears and One Tongue. The main logic is that we must listen more than we speak. Speaking is not essential in comparison to Listening.

A man with a good personality has a trait to listen more and more than he or she used to speak. We usually have a bad habit to overtake and overruled in the conversion of once speaker. This shows that we have so low ability to listen to anything that is not good. Must try it surely makes changes in your life.

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