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Dhingra Coaching Hub is the tuition center that runs by Mrs. Deepa Dhingra. This is for the students of Nursery – 5th Class. The aim of starting this coaching is building a strong base in the students. If a student’s base is strong then he or she can achieve anything in his life more quickly and smartly. In the present education system, students are keeps on passing in their classes even they have no knowledge at all. Dhingra Coaching Hub is the best tuition for kids that provides the best knowledge with reasonable tuition fees.

dhingra coaching hub


Location Ghaziabad.
For Class Nursery to 5th
Tutor Mrs. Deepa Dhingra
Contact Number 9540667043
Morning 10a.m
Noon 2p.m,3p.m


dhingra coaching hub

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide the best knowledge to the students with proper facilities at reasonable fees. The main aim of Mrs. Deepa Dhingra [Tutor] is to clear the basic Fundamentals in the minds of students regarding studies. No person is able to make a building with no base that’s why Base is so important in any field.

Why You Choose Dhingra Coaching Hub?

There are many Facilities that provide here which build our center different from Others.

  • Reasonable Fees- Tuition fees are reasonable that any class of person can effort to submit fees for the studies of their child.
  • Best Timing- Some students used to go to school in the morning and others in the evening. For the Evening School Shift students- Our coaching timing is 10 o'clock & in addition, For the Morning School shift students- Our coaching timing is 2 o’clock and 3 o'clock both in which you comfortable you can fix that timing.
  • Tutor’s Qualification - Mrs. Deepa is a graduate degree holder with ‘A’ grade in his academics.
  • Tutor’s Experience- Our Tutor has 10year experience in Academics. Teaches high school students, secondary school students and college or university students are easier than teaches the students of primary school.
  • Friendly Behavior- Most importantly primary school students are the students who want a friend than a teacher or tutor. Teaches students with friendly behavior and nature must-see in our coaching center.

We are giving our 100% firstly in stronger basic fundaments in the child’s academics life. Other than this we have so many games or tricks for teaching students in the best efficient and effective manner. For any doubt in any academics life, must-read - Career Platform Blogs.

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