BPO means Business Process Outsourcing. It is that field in which jobs are easily available and there is no such requirement of academic qualification. The requirement of the BPO is also increasing day by day. It is all because of globalization and privatization. But generally, we don't know what is BPO and it's scope. So, let's move to know about it and enhance knowledge.


What is BPO?

BPO(Business Process Outsourcing) is the business practice in which one organization hires another company to perform a task. It generally happened when the workload of one organization increases. To handle the overall process, it hires or outsources the process to another company. Basically, it means to hire a particular company for performing a task such as HR, customer helpdesk, accounting and many more.


Vodafone is a telecom company. To provide better services and resolve the issue of the customer while using their services, it hires Tech Mahindra company to provide customer service on behalf of Vodafone. Now, when a customer call to customer care then Tech Mahindra's customer care executive takes call & resolves the issue on behalf of Vodafone.

So, we can say that Vodafone outsources its customer helpdesk to TechMahindra company and this process is called Business Process Outsourcing.


bpo meaning & definition

Career in BPO Sector:

If you want to enhance your career in the field of BPO then you can get these facilities in it:

  • Better Salary Package.
  • No possibility of unemployment.
  • Fast Promotion opportunity.
  • Easily switch from one company to another.
  • Best service environment.

But with these facilities, there are some points that you must know about it.

Why do people not choose BPO as Career Opportunity?

  • Salary oriented Job
  • Lack of Growth.
  • It does not enhance your knowledge.
  • No career opportunity in the future.
  • Less reputation of these Jobs in society.
  • No consideration of the experience of BPO to other fields.
  • The experience is not considered when you go for a job in another sector.

These are some concepts of BPO and the benefits to go in it or not. If you want to go for a job in this sector, mainly in the call center. As per our experience, Some questions always ask to check English speaking skills. For further knowledge, you can read our blog that must help you-https://www.careerplatform.co.in/4-questions-always-ask-in-interview-to-check-your-english-speaking/

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