B.Com [Bachelor of Commerce] is a graduate degree and it is mainly for the commerce stream students of class 12th. But there is no restriction for commerce stream students to pursue this degree. Nowadays, students are also studying BBA because BBA subjects are not so much hard to study than B.Com subjects.

If you are interested in Business, Management, and Accounts and want to build a career in this respective field then this is the best knowledge providing a degree for you. But before going into this field, you must know about the B.Com subjects.

b.com subjects

B.Com Subjects

There are three years in B.Com. In one year, there are at least 5 subjects. Now, let's see one by one the subjects of B.Com in a particular year.

1st year:

  1. Business Organization and Management
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Business and Industrial Laws
  4. Principles of Economics
  5. Hindi

2nd year:

  1. (a) Business Mathematics (b) Business Statistics
  2. Corporate Accounting
  3. Company and Compensation Laws
  4. Income Tax and Auditing
  5. Economics- Macro Economics
  6. English

3rd year:

  1. Cost Accounting
  2. Computer Application in Business
  3. Economics- Economics Development and Policies
  4. Humanities Group -Elective Paper
  5. One Optional Paper Out of the following:
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • E-Commerce

NoteThese subjects are according to Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and for other universities, changes might be happened but not fully.

A bit of short advice, if you want to do B.Com then it's good. But the condition is: You have to do this course by a good university or from the best college. Otherwise, it is too hard to gain a job. We have also shared the BBA subjects with you in our previous blog, must check it - BBA Subjects

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