The word “Report” is derived from the Latin word of “reportare” which means carry back. Re means back and portare means to carry. Therefore, It is an explanation of an event carried back to someone who was not current on the scene.

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What is Report?

"Report is a message presented before the management after making a detailed inquiry or examination with or without views or recommendations." In other words, It takes the information which is used to find the facts or to support decision making or solving any business problems. Generally, It is organized and presented according to the needs of the top management.

Meaning :

"A report is an organized statement of facts linking to a particular subject prepared by the reporter(s) after making independent inquiry or examination with or without views or recommendations".


Definition of Report

M.C.Shukla and S.S.Gulshan,

“A report is any written or oral communication in which according to the nature and purpose of the report, the reporter presents a collection of facts or a number of alternative propositions, states his conclusions and (if called upon to do so) submits his recommendations”.

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