Factories Act 1948

The Factories Act 1948 aims at providing protection to workers against exploitation by unscrupulous employers and unhygienic and unsafe working conditions. It makes elaborate provisions for the health, welfare, and safety of workers.

After studying this topic you should be able to understand the:

  • History of the Factories Act.
  • Objects of and Reasoning for the passing the Factories Act.
  • Important Definitions under the Factories Act.
  • Provisions relating to Health, Safety, and Welfare of the workers.
  • Provisions related to working hours for adults and young persons.

The Factories Act - Health (Sec 11 to 20)

- Safety (Sec 21 to 41)

- Welfare (Sec 42 to 50)

The full information of this act is in the form of SlideShare which is best for enhancing your knowledge-check it.

factories act 1948

Other than the Factories Act, Industrial Dispute Act 1947 which is also one of the concepts of Industrial Law, you can also read that here - Industrial Dispute Act

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